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We are Shore Shade Sail. Your premier, custom shade solution.

Mike Pugh, President & CEO of Shore Industries, became passionate about the shade solution business after living on a sailboat and working for a sailmaker. Mike found the constant change and creativity inspiring. With a corporate background stemming from the petroleum industry and a mother who taught him how to sew, Mike realized he had so much more to offer.

In 2008, Mike founded Shore Industries as a high-quality textile manufacturer business, in his very own living room. Years later, Mike discovered the need to direct market Shore Industries’ products, so Shore Shade Sail was established in 2022.

Mike brought Brian Perez, COO of Shore Shade Sails, onboard to help establish and grow the Shore Shade Sail brand and generate sales. From commercial to residential shade solutions, Brian works with the Shore Shade Sail team to ensure the customer process is seamless from start to finish. As an Army Veteran, Brian was trained in logistics, leading large teams, and growth management, so it was naturally a great fit.

Since Shore Industries was founded, the company has continued to progress, and has established a variety of different brands under Shore Industries. In addition to Shore Shade Sail, Shore Industries is affiliated with Porch Enclosure Systems and Makefast USA.

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Why Shore Shade Sail

At the core, Shore Shade Sail is about building relationships and listening to customers. Shore Shade Sail engages with the customer and focuses on transparency and trust to build a strong foundation. The service side of the business and the fully customizable approach to shade solutions, are really what sets Shore Shade Sail apart from competitors.

Shore Shade Sail will always handle the process in its entirety, from initial contact to project installation and completion. The team at Shore Shade Sail really spends the time getting to know customers and their expectations and are big believers in handshakes and face-to-face interactions.

Mike has always valued a family environment, which speaks volumes about the culture at Shore Shade Sail. Mike and his leadership team are open about discussing company goals and are proponents of team building activities and work life balance. There is no revolving door at Shore Shade Sail because of the engaging work environment and the family-like atmosphere.

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